Black Friday Steals for Weightlifting Lovers

Want to make the most out of Black Friday but don’t know where to start?

Jordan Lifting Club offer a wide range of essentials to suit your weightlifting needs, and is offering 20% OFF EVERYTHING for Black Friday. Keep on reading to find out some of our top picks that you need this holiday season!

1. Kettlebell

We pride ourselves in offering kettlebells that are beautifully designed and made by hand in our Great British Foundry. They even possess a moisture proof powder coated finish helping to avoid rust for years (as long as they are looked after correctly!). An ideal addition to any workout routine, inside or out.

Cast Iron Kettlebell

2. HIIT Bench

If you don’t have much room to store any gym equipment at home, don’t worry – the JLC HIIT Bench is ideal to assist you in your workouts whilst also offering a storage option for kit, such as, dumbbells and kettlebells. The bench pad is comfortable but also tough, allowing for the bench to even be used as a Plyo box!

JLC Flat HIIT Bench

3. Dumbbells

Available in a wide variety of weights, our classic Hex Dumbbells are made from quality grade iron and a soft rubber coating for a durable, strong grip whilst reducing drop noise and protecting your floor.

Rubber Hex Dumbbell

4. Drop Pads

These drop pads are perfect for home gyms, protecting your weights from high impact Clean and Snatch moves and Deadlifts, whilst protecting your floor from damage. The pads feature fixed handles allowing you to move them around your home with ease, and even travel with them!

An added bonus is that they can be used as an aerobic step for mini box jumps or a balance pad to widen your exercise potential.

JLC Drop Pads

5. Bumpers

Made from recycled rubber, these Olympic Bumper Plates are a great eco-friendly option for home gyms, as they make minimal noise when lifted and dropped. The bumpers are perfect for deadlift drops, squats and more, allowing you to have a great value, varied workout from the comfort from of your own home or garage.

Bumper Plates