Ladies that Lift - Busting the myths

Weightlifting. A single word that can strike dread into many women's hearts.

Dredging up the motivation to start a weightlifting session can turn your legs to lead, especially if you don't know where to start.

Misleading information in the Fitness sector might mean you boycott the weights area completely. Maybe you find the folks pumping iron a little intimidating, or the free-weights area is overwhelming.

But…Lifting weights doesn’t have to be scary.

We’ve been in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years and feel like it's more important than ever that women give weightlifting a try.

Weightlifting has incredible health benefits, can help you build strength, tone, and confidence. So, what are you waiting for?

Read on to find out why you should join the ranks of Ladies That Lift.

Let’s start by busting a few weightlifting myths...or skip straight to the end for our Weightlifting must-haves.


Weightlifting makes you ‘Bulk-Up’

False. Lifting Weights does not mean you’re going to end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger...unless you want to train that way of course.

Weightlifting builds muscle density so you might feel 'bulkier' but don't panic, you're not going to tense and tear your shirt sleeves off.

Unless you increase your calories a whole heap, you’re not going to bulk up.

Building stronger, denser muscles is hard work, and ‘bulking’ is even tougher. So, unless you’re looking to build, and change your diet to suit that, all you’ll get is stronger.


Go Heavy or Go Home? Only Heavy Weights Build strength

False. Many studies have shown that lighter weights, with more reps, are as effective as lifting heavy.

There’s a time and a place for heavy lifting. It’s good to throw a few heavy sessions into your weightlifting routine, but you don’t have to continuously pump the heavy iron to build strength.

Many people make the mistake of jumping straight into heavier weights and this can leave them with injuries.

Lighter weights give you a fantastic opportunity to perfect your form and work on any weak muscle groups before you start the heavy lifting. Good form is the key to effective, injury-free weightlifting.


Fit to Flab? If You Stop Lifting, Muscle Turns to Fat

False. Muscle and fat are two completely different parts of your body. Muscles can’t turn to fat. They just can’t. This is one of those myths that seem to hang around despite being a physical impossibility.

If you stop lifting weights, the cells in your muscles may start to shrink over time. Naturally, you’ll look a little softer and not quite so toned...But they won’t turn into fat.

If you want to stop lifting weights, without looking larger, adjust your diet and cardio workouts to suit your new workout style. 


Dumbbells or Nothing? Body Weight Exercises Don’t Work

False. Muscle building doesn’t always have to include dumbbells or barbells.  Your body weight can be just as useful, especially if you’re working out from home with limited equipment.

Bodyweight exercises can be excellent for building strength and mass. You need to find the right exercises that challenge your muscles.

Youtube has some very effective calisthenics workouts. They're perfect for building strength and tone with only your bodyweight.

Weightlifting is effectively challenging your muscles, so they get stronger and denser. You can do that with or without kit, in your house, garden, or the park...socially distanced of course.

You can take your bodyweight workouts up a notch by investing in a Jungle Gym which is ideal for endless muscle-building exercises.

Chin-Up Bars and powerbands are also ideal, budget-friendly, pieces of kit for strength training.


Can’t Touch Your Toes? Lifting Weights Makes You Less Flexible

False. Lifting weights doesn’t mean you won’t be able to touch your toes. Stretching is important and you should stretch it out whether you're lifting weights or sweating it up with cardio.

Every workout should include a good warm-up and cool-down to prevent injury and maintain your full range of motion.

Whether you're committed to cardio or hitting the free-weights, if you don’t stretch, you’re likely to lose flexibility. So no, weightlifting on its own doesn’t make you less flexible.


Will you take the plunge and be a Lady That Lifts?

Now that we’ve busted a few of the most common weightlifting myths, check out our blog on to why picking up those free-weights and smashing out some reps, can take your fitness routine to the next level.  

Written by Lauren Woodcock
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