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7ft Olympic Bar

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When it comes to weightlifting, you need a good reliable Olympic Bar to streamline your Snatch, Clean and Jerk. Our entry level 7ft Olympic Bar, is perfect for beginners and experienced lifters, looking for a reliable, quality barbell for their Garage Gym/Home Gym.


Forged from solid steel, with a durable hard chrome coating, this 32mm grip Olympic Bar, has a range of knurling positions, to ensure a sweat resistant grip for your Deadlifts, Squats, and Overhead Press.

Featuring quality grade bearings, you'll be able to practice faster movements, with a smoother feel, ideal for your chest and overhead lifts, as well as landmine squats, using a portable core trainer.


Weighing 21.5kg, this Olympic bar can lift a whopping 650kg as standard, so it's a great bar for building strength at home. Most other bars at this price will only guarantee 350kg maximum weight, so the JLC 7ft Olympic Bar is a top choice for serious lifters.


If you're building your Olympic Weightlifting Set starting from scratch, you'll need some Bumper Plates, and Olympic Bar Collars to go with this bar. If you're working out at home, we'd also recommend our Weightlifting Drop Pads, to keep your bumpers in pristine condition.


Length: 2200mm | Diameter: 50mm | Grip: 32mm | Weight 21.5kg
Tested to 725kg 


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