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HEX Dumbbells

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We wouldn't be a lifting club without some classic Hex Dumbbells. Available to order in 1-10kg (in 1kg increments) and 2.5kg-50kg (in 2.5kg increments), you can lift light, or lift heavy, whatever you need to to suit your lifting goals. 


Cast from quality grade Iron, and encapsulated in a soft, agile, rubber coating, our JLC Hex Dumbbells protect your flooring, and reduce noise from dumbbell drops.

The contoured steel, chrome coated, handle, with intricate knurling, offers the ultimate grip, perfect for sweaty HIIT workouts, through to focussed bodybuilding reps. 


Available as standard as a pair of dumbbells (who would just sell one anyway?), you can choose to buy individual pairs, through to full Dumbbell sets of 1kg-10kg, 2.5kg-25kg, 2.5kg-30kg, and even 2.5kg-50kg. Contact us to order.

If you are looking at buying a few different weights, and need storage for up to five pairs of dumbbells, opt for the JLC HIIT Bench, which can also store 2 Kettlebells, a Medicine Ball, whilst also offering an all-in-one comfortable flat bench.
For more traditional Dumbbell racks, take a look at our Jordan Fitness Dumbbell Rack range.