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JLC Kettlebells

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Available in 8kg, 12kg, 16kg and 20kg, we are proud to be the only commercial gym equipment supplier in the UK supplying Kettlebells made in the UK.


Made by hand in our Great British Foundry, these Cast Iron Kettlebells are beautifully designed, ready to swing, lift and snatch. 


Cast in our Est ferrous & Non-ferrous specialist foundry in Norfolk, we use certified cast iron, so you can count on the material being the best quality.
With a moisture proof powder coated finish, these kettlebells will avoid rust for years to come, if looked after. They are great for a kettlebell workout indoors and out, just make sure you bring them in out of the cold, after your workout to keep them moisture free.


No expense has been spared to give you the very best that British can buy. Not only does the base feature a diamond cut finish, each handle offers the same wide grip, so you can quickly switch between weights throughout your Kettlebell workout.

Traditional cast kettlebells never looked of felt so good, we hope you agree?